Free and Easy Basic French

I have assembled an accumulation of words and phrases that will help you understand basic French words. After you've determined these simple words to memory you'll be able to have you very first French conversation!

Part 1 -

These would be the first French words you will should find out. They are easy and very simple to remember. You can go onto part 2 after you have acquired these then.

Yes = Oui

No = Non

Please = S'il vous plat

Thank you = Merci

Youre welcome = De rien

Part 2 -

Start with component 1 if you can't know very well what someone is saying, only use these words to help get you from this sticky situation. Click here The Top Dog Deals Adds French Bulldog Zone Collection to learn where to study this hypothesis.

Part 1 -

Excuse Me = Excusez-moi

Sorry = Desol/Pardon

I dont understand = Je ne comprends pas

Here are some fundamental questions that will help you whilst you're about and out visiting in France. Once you have determined these terms to memory transfer onto part 3.

Part 2 -

Would you speak English? = Parlez-vous anglais?

Aidez moi, sil vous plat = Can I be helped by you please?

Combien ca cote? = How much could it be?

Part 3 -

Here are the some important words that will help you meet and new people in French.

Hi = Salut

Glad To Generally Meet You = Attract

Good Morning/Good day = Bon jour

Good Evening = Bon soir

Goodbye = Au revoir

My name is = Je m'appelle

Here are two good suggestions to assist you to learn essential French words and enhance your language.

1 Make your personal language book. Everytime new word is learnt by you, just add it to your book. Be sure to hold it with, and you will have your personal tailor made phrase book.

2 Make some flash cards. Write the French word of phrase on one side of the card and the English translation on another. Turn the cards and check your French knowledge. My girlfriend learned about The Top Dog Deals Adds French Bulldog Zone Collection by browsing webpages.

You see, its easy to understand simple French words when you understand how. I am hoping my practical words and phrases and top guidelines have helped to get you on the best course..