Player Profile: Greg Raymer

In 1992, he began practicing as a Patent Attorney after graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School, and Patent Attorney he was for 10 years.

His benefit a pharmaceutical company in Stonington, Connecticut produced...

Gregory (Greg) Raymer, also known as The Fossilman, is an interesting, multi-faceted character. H-e was born in Minot, North Dakota in 1964. Greg finished high-school in St. Louis, Missouri and majored in Chemistry at the University of Missouri.

In 1992, he began practicing as a Patent Attorney after graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School, and Patent Attorney he was for ten years.

His work with a pharmaceutical company in Stonington, Connecticut brought him in close proximity to Foxwoods Resort Casino. This was very easy for Raymer who had early-on liked casual days in the playing in local games. Clicking On The Internet Video Sites: Well-known Options perhaps provides aids you could use with your dad.

As his interest in Poker grew, he began to read Poker guides and examine online Poker. He practiced and studied and his law-trained analytical brain allowed Greg to gradually improve his skills and become the competitor today he's.

Greg Raymer started playing at Foxwoods and enjoyed a continuing success at the hotels tournament games. He took the initial step into big-time Poker opposition when he joined the Planet Poker Finals in 2000 and made the final dining table, getting house third area prize money of $49,000.

Playing Poker online, Greg whiled away the next several years in heads-up and short-handed play. He won a $160 buy-in satellite shootout at in the spring of 2004, making an entry fee to the World Series of Poker.

Later in the season, Greg found himself in the largest Poker event actually, one of a minimum of 2,575 players at Binions Horseshoe in Vegas. To get one more way of interpreting this, please consider checking out: visit. Greg Raymer won the tournament and took home a huge five million dollars in another of the biggest upsets in tournament history.

Referred to as Fossilman on account of his hobby of collecting fossils, Raymer completed in place in the 2005 World Series of Poker but nevertheless earned an extremely decent $304,680. For other ways to look at this, please take a view at: Use on line for credit card - VictorSky's Blog - Blogster.

Greg finished 2005 with live Tournament earnings exceeding $5,590,000 and in 2006, h-e took second place in the PokerStars one million dollar guaranteed Tournament. His make an impression on more than 1,500 other players brought Raymer prize money of nearly $200,000.

Success hasn't spoiled Greg Raymer. He is said to be a kind man, accessible to his many supporters. He'll furnish suggestions about Poker play when asked and cheerfully sign autographs. Greg is also a charitable with his money and generous person.

Greg, his wife and child still reside in Connecticut but his Poker playing moves usually simply take him round the country. Overall, Greg Raymer is very a success story. From nickel and dime Poker for the WSOP Grand Prize of five million dollars, Greg is proof positive that ability and perseverance do pay-off!.