Link Cloaking: Cloak and Dagger in Internet Advertising

    Paul Downey
    By Paul Downey

    'Cloak and dagger' seems like a joke, but it is truer than you may like: if you do not hide your internet links, you could get stabbed in the rear. If I were to market this link: it would be very easy for one to just cut it down after

    It would not necessarily have to be a malicious act, maybe just laziness on your part, but if this were a course where I obtained paid per click on my affiliate link...I would not get paid. You would receive money, if you slipped your own personal internet username within the link. Dig up further on an affiliated wiki by clicking affiliate. If I received a commission on a purchase, I'd maybe not get it and you may.

    There is another reason to cloak your links. You are selling your link all over the web, if you're half-the affiliate that you should be. But affiliate plans come and go, and so does our curiosity about any particular pro-gram, as we all know. What goes on when you drop an application? Where your defunct url is residing you have to scramble to find all of the places online, so you can change it or eliminate it. Chances are they'll not all be found.

    You can use one of two ways to cloak a link that involve creating html records, or you can use one of several companies that cloak links for you. The advantages to creating html files on your own domain is that when you drop an affiliate program you only have to change them, you get links back-to your domain, and you get page-views that boost your Alexa rank.

    You may go here to find the two types of code to choose if you opt to go that way from: There's also a listing there of cloaking ser-vices.

    No-matter how you do it, hiding your affiliate links will protect your affiliate profits and save you time and trouble in the future.. Learn supplementary resources on this related essay - Browse this hyperlink: bedgrape46 on Genius.