The basics of overclocking your CPU

    Paul Downey
    By Paul Downey

    So what will be the terms you look out for when you enter your Bios? Well first of all you need to find your FSB. FSB is short for Font Side Bus and that is where many you'll be overclocking your CPU from. There is still another way of overclocking your CPU but this option is available to the top of the product range CPU and these ones can charge of excess of 1,000! This way of overclocking is to use the Multiplier.

    But if you ask me deciding on a $1000 CPU will defeat the point overclocking. Anyway, once you've found your FSB choice, there ought to be a 3 digit number alongside it. Whatever you do is just move the number up another ten points and no longer.

    The reason why you move it no more than that's you don't need to damage your COMPUTER. So just take little steps when overclocking your CPU. As soon as you performed that, save and leave from bios and head into Windows.

    You now need to run at standard, I'd recommend on applying 3DMark 05 or 06. If people hate to learn further on keynotes org/speaker/rogerfirestien, there are heaps of libraries people might think about investigating. There's others but these will be the ones I take advantage of. Today only run the standard and you should notice that you have a higher score than what you did before you overclocked your CPU! And that's the basics of overclocking!!!. This interesting trendhunter com/keynote/roger-firestien wiki has endless disturbing lessons for when to mull over this idea.